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Up up and away

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Location Rowsley, DE4
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About Up up and away

Take a hot air balloon flight and drift along with the breeze enjoying stunning landscapes from a new perspective. Sail silently through the sky on this hour long flight gently descending back to earth anywhere within a 20 or 25 mile radius of your starting point! (the mystery of where you’ll end up is enough of an adventure).

Meet the crew at your chosen departure point of which there are 3 fantastic launch sites to choose from; a stunning private venue near to Rowsley and close to magnificent Chatsworth; or the village of Tissington, a privately owned hamlet forming part of the Tissington Estate a few miles north of the market town of Ashbourne; and the third launch venue is again a secluded, private venue and is just south of Buxton at Glutton Bridge, set amongst stunning Peak District scenery. The only other choice remaining is whether to fly just after dawn or after sunset? Everything about hot air ballooning seems so effortless! Before taking to the sky the crew will prepare the balloon, taking around 10 minutes to inflate (told you it was effortless!). Safety briefing done, you’re ready to go! Just hop in the basket and up, up and away!

Drifting along on the breeze you are guaranteed a flight of at least an hour to enjoy the beautiful Peak District landscape from a whole new perspective, whilst down below the ground crew and any friends and family who came along to wave you off will be keeping in radio contact with the pilot and tracking the balloon location by road so that they are there to meet you when you come back down to earth! Free return transport delivers you back to your launch site and to round off your adventure you’ll receive a commemorative flight certificate.

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